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Are you a trainer or would you like to organize a seminar with your team? Then you need the right location for your event and have to book a seminar house. A creative environment can promote inspiration and also advance the content of the seminar. To help you find the perfect seminar house and really feel at home, in this article we share our experience from numerous organized seminars and hundreds of seminar houses visited throughout Europe.

Seminar house or conference hotel?

Seminar houses have a more personal character than a conference hotel. You are usually alone with your group and strengthen the group feeling through joint activities. 

Especially if you want a quiet and secluded environment where you can concentrate on your work, a seminar house is the right option. However, you may have to cater for yourselves or share rooms, as seminar houses often offer fewer services than conference hotels. 

However, if you prefer a centrally located hotel that offers you more comfort and services, a conference hotel is the better choice. 

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What is a seminar house?

A seminar house is a type of accommodation specially designed for seminars, conferences and other events. This is usually a large building in which several rooms are available for meetings and seminars. A seminar house offers you a quiet and productive working environment where you can concentrate on your work without being disturbed by other people or distractions.

However, some seminar houses are also used for private events, such as weddings. 

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What does a seminar house cost?

Seminar houses are often one of the cheapest ways to realize your event. You usually rent the entire house for a fixed price. In some cases there may be a surcharge depending on the number of people. With the right group size, this is often up to 50% cheaper than a comparable offer from a conference hotel. Small seminar houses for 3 – 7 people start at 275€ / night, while larger houses for 30 – 40 people usually cost around 2,500 – 4,000€ / night. However, these prices vary greatly depending on the location and features of the house, which is why you can easily obtain and compare up to three offers via meetreet

How do I find a seminar house?

Seminar houses are not easy to find and are often booked well in advance. To increase your chances, start your search early and use different channels. 

  1. Ask your network for tips, e.g. on LinkedIn. First-hand tips are very valuable because you can quickly assess whether the seminar house really suits you. 
  1. Use platforms such as meetreet to quickly get an overview of all available seminar houses in the desired region and receive offers from seminar houses

What should I look out for when booking a seminar house?

When booking a seminar house, pay attention to the following factors:


You should be able to reach the seminar house by public transportation (bus & train). This allows you to travel sustainably. However, this is often at odds with the secluded location of these houses. It can therefore also make sense to hire your own coach for the journey.


Some seminar houses offer catering. With others you have to provide for yourself. In this case, either a kitchen should be available or restaurants/delivery services should be nearby.


The number of rooms is often a bottleneck when selecting seminar venues. Pay attention to how the rooms are divided, perhaps several people can be accommodated in one room with separate beds. This increases your chances of finding a beautiful seminar house in the countryside. 


The hosts have a great influence on your time in the seminar house. Open and courteous communication is important to ensure that you are helped quickly in the event of problems. Pay particular attention to reviews of the house. 


Ideally, the rooms should already be fully equipped for your seminar. This means a projector & screen or large screen and moderation material for workshops are important. You also need enough space and preferably a few smaller rooms where you can retreat and a large room where everyone can come together. 

Times of use

Many hotels are used for both private events and seminars, which is why you should make sure to book the arrival and departure days in full so that you don’t have to arrive late and leave early. 


Seminar house on the Baltic Sea

Seminar houses on the Baltic Sea are in vogue. Because the fresh sea air promotes a clear head and gives your team new ideas. Perfect for well-established teams facing a new challenge. Our tips on the Baltic Sea:

You can find more recommendations for a seminar house near the Baltic Sea in this article. 

The best meeting locations in Hamburg & the Baltic Sea

Seminar house in the Alps

A seminar house in the Alps is the perfect way to literally look at your challenges and your team from a new perspective and make good decisions from a bird’s eye view. 

The Alps are well connected and even the most remote villages are usually served by bus or train.

The best seminar houses in the Alps in our opinion:

Seminar house in the countryside

A seminar house in Brandenburg promises a rural idyll and a break from the hustle and bustle of the big city. 

We love to get out and go to the next seminar with a clear head. Fresh country air and a wide view to the horizon are perfect drivers of innovation. 

Creative seminar houses in the countryside are for example:

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Seminar house in Bavaria

The Free State of Bavaria offers great diversity. From simple rural accommodation to modern spaces for start-ups in the big city. 

This variety makes seminar houses in Bavaria perfect for your next event. Our favorites include:

Conclusion Book seminar house

We are avowed fans of seminar houses and can only say: Booking a seminar house is worthwhile. Not only is it usually cheaper, but it also brings you closer together as a team with its very own atmosphere, and that’s what matters. 

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