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Book a conference hotelHow to make your conference a success

A meeting or event with the team is an important occasion for exchanging information, developing ideas and driving projects forward. In order to make your event a success, it is important that the location suits the occasion and that you can rely on it without restriction. A conference hotel is a good choice if you are looking for professional facilities and numerous services for a larger group. In this article, we will look at how to book a conference hotel and what factors to consider when choosing a suitable hotel.

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Book a conference hotel in the mountains as a retreat

What is a conference hotel?

A conference hotel is a hotel that is specially designed to host meetings, conferences and other events. These hotels usually offer a variety of rooms suitable for meetings and events of different sizes, such as conference rooms, seminar rooms, boardrooms and meeting rooms. They also have state-of-the-art technology to facilitate the staging of events, such as audio-visual equipment, projectors, microphones and WLAN. There are often also special offers for conference guests, such as catering, accommodation and leisure activities. Conference hotels are therefore a good choice for companies and organizations looking for professional venues for their events.

What is the difference between a seminar house, conference hotel and seminar hotel?

Seminar houses

Seminar houses are usually rented exclusively to a group as an entire house.  A seminar house is ideal for groups looking for a quiet and secluded environment for their events. This creates a communal atmosphere, but the services on offer are usually limited. 

We recommend seminar houses to groups, especially for team-building measures. Here, the total rent with the right number of people usually makes it cheaper for you than booking lots of rooms in a conference hotel.

Seminar houses that we particularly like:

Seminar hotels & conference hotels

Seminar hotels and conference hotels are hardly different, both terms describe a hotel that specializes in providing facilities for corporate events and offers meeting rooms, catering services, meeting technology and a large number of rooms. 

Seminar and conference hotels that we particularly like:

Why book a conference hotel?

Professional premises

Conference hotels generally offer professional facilities that are suitable for meetings, conferences and other events. They are equipped with modern technology to facilitate the organization of events.


Many conference hotels have special offers for conference guests, such as catering during the event. This can be particularly practical as it allows participants to concentrate fully on the event without having to worry about catering.

Overnight accommodation

If you are planning a longer event, it may make sense to book a conference hotel with overnight accommodation. This allows participants to rest and keep up to date without having to travel home every day.

Leisure activities

Many conference hotels also offer leisure activities and recreational opportunities for their guests. This combination of concentrated work phases and team time creates great added value.


If you book a conference hotel, you can usually take advantage of special offers for conference guests and larger groups, which may be cheaper than the hotel’s standard rates. 

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Conference hotels don’t have to be classic

The best conference hotels in Germany

For over 10 years we have been searching for the best locations for conferences in Germany and other European countries. We have personally visited all locations and list a curated selection of our tested favorites on meetreet. These include the following locations. 

Conference hotels near Berlin

Read more about conference hotels in Berlin & Brandenburg

Conference hotels near Hamburg

The best meeting locations in Hamburg & the surrounding area

Conference hotels near Frankfurt

Conference hotels near Munich

The best locations for team meetings in the mountains near Munich

How do I recognize a good conference hotel in Germany?

An event requires a lot of coordination and communication. Accordingly, the team at the conference hotel should always be easily accessible and find suitable solutions for you. 

A clear offer that lists all services and makes the prices transparent is an important basis for the subsequent contract with the conference hotel. 

A good conference hotel exudes an ambience in which you feel comfortable and can find focus for the challenges ahead. 

A high-quality conference hotel is usually easy to reach by car, but also by train or bus and is within easy reach of the starting point for participants.

A suitable conference hotel thinks outside the box and acts sustainably, offers vegan and vegetarian alternatives and has its own philosophy. 

In the end, you should not make the price the only decision criterion, but consider all aspects in a balanced way and choose the best overall package. 

Via meetreet you can request up to three conference hotels free of charge and compare offers. 

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Special conference hotels have something on offer for all guests

Conclusion Booking conference hotels – what you should bear in mind

A conference hotel is a safe solution for an event for around 30 people or more. Capacities are often available at short notice and the services offered make planning easier. 

What we lack in most traditional conference hotels is above all the communal atmosphere that tends to arise when renting an exclusive seminar house.

When selecting our meetreet conference hotels, we have therefore always paid attention to a special atmosphere and excellent communication. Why not send us a request for your planned conference and give it a try.

We wish you every success with your planning.

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