Designing a creative company outing – 7 new, innovative ideas


If your team is finding the annual company outing less and less popular, then it’s time to spice up your traditional company outing with a pinch of creativity and try something new. In short: a creative company outing that will truly be remembered. Don’t worry, we’ve got your back. Let’s explore together how we can creatively organize the company outing.

7 ideas to make your company outing creative

THINK OUTSIDE THE BOX. We have often seen the well-known scavenger hunt or the escape room. How about these ideas?

Cooking course and dinner competition

Visit a cooking studio together, learn something new and then have a culinary competition to conjure up the best dishes.

Team building on the high seas

Hire a sailing boat for a day and experience the challenges and teamwork on the water together. We particularly like this provider.

Art workshop

Visit an art gallery or studio for a creative workshop that encourages team creativity.

Landscape or architecture photography tour

Explore a picturesque area and capture your impressions in photographs. This promotes creativity and collaboration.

Outdoor climbing adventure

Instead of classic climbing in an indoor climbing park, plan an outdoor adventure in a climbing forest or on a natural rock.

Joint charity run

Organize a charity run or walk as a team and donate the money raised to a non-profit organization.

Mysterious city tour

Explore a city in an unusual way by solving puzzles and challenges to get to the next destinations.

Outdoor adventure sports

Try something adrenaline-pumping like rafting, kayaking or a zipline tour to boost team spirit.

Team Offsite

Leave the familiar walls of the office with the team and get out of the city and into nature. This format, usually lasting several days, combines activities with focused, strategic work in and on the team. The distance from everyday working life can help you to come up with new ideas and have a positive influence on team spirit. Shared experiences strengthen cohesion and also have a strong influence on your employer brand.

Team offsites as a company outing

Why a team offsite can make sense as a company outing

Promoting creativity

By changing the environment and experiencing new activities, creative thought processes are stimulated, which can have a positive effect on the team’s innovative strength.

Improving communication

Team offsites provide an informal atmosphere that can improve communication between team members. This can help information and ideas to flow more freely.

Identification with the corporate culture

Sharing experiences outside the office encourages employees to identify with the corporate culture and strengthens their sense of belonging.

Stress reduction and relaxation

A change of environment and the experience of new activities help to reduce work stress and promote relaxation, which in turn increases employee satisfaction.

Promotion of teamwork

Team offsites provide opportunities for team games and activities that encourage teamwork and strengthen collaboration in a relaxed atmosphere.

Personal growth and development

Participation in team offsites enables employees to use their skills in different contexts and to grow personally, which can have a positive impact on their professional development.

Motivation and employee retention

By organizing team offsites, the company shows appreciation for its employees, which increases motivation and promotes employee loyalty.

Creating memories

Shared experiences during a team offsite create lasting memories that employees can share with each other and positively influence the corporate culture.

Planning of team offsites and duration

We recommend a combination of about 60% content work and 40% activities for 2 – 3 days in a quiet environment. You can find a seminar house, an estate or a creative hotel for your team on meetreet . Here you will find tips on how to organize and plan a team offsite.

Start the location search early, get the whole team on board with the idea and ensure the right balance of work and play.

Costs of a team offsite

The cost of a team offsite depends primarily on the chosen location and format. Self-catering is significantly cheaper than catering and a seminar house is usually cheaper than a conference hotel. Set a budget and check what options you have with it. For 3 days, 2 nights you can expect to pay around 200-300€ per person for accommodation and meeting room and 100-200€ per person for catering. There are also costs for travel and possible team activities.

What is allowed on a company outing?

With regard to the legal aspects of a company outing, there are some important points to consider, even if we are explicitly unable to offer legal advice here. In general, it is permitted to organize team activities outside the office as long as they remain within the framework of legal regulations and company guidelines.

Fundamentals of labor law for company outings

A company outing can be regarded as a voluntary event. Participation should therefore not be mandatory unless otherwise agreed in advance.

Accident insurance during a company outing

Make sure that the participants are insured during the excursion. As a rule, employees are covered by statutory accident insurance on the direct route to and from the event venue.

Liability for company outings

Clarify liability issues in advance. If the company outing takes place during regular working hours, the employer can be held liable for accidents or injuries.

Alcohol consumption during a company outing

If alcohol is consumed, make sure that this is done in moderation and in compliance with legal regulations. Alcohol in the workplace can lead to legal consequences.

Data protection at the company outing

Ensure that personal data is handled in accordance with data protection regulations, especially when taking photographs or organizing activities.

Summary: Designing a creative company outing

We would be delighted if your next company outing is creative and you dare to break new ground. Your team will thank you for it.

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