How do I offer room rates correctly?

In the first step, select under Category whether it is an entire house or individual rooms.

In the next step, enter how many people can be accommodated in a unit under Persons. In most cases, this means that the total number of participants is entered for houses, while two people are usually entered for double rooms and only one person for single rooms.

The quantity of units must then be entered under Quantity. For houses usually 1, for single rooms the number of persons and for double rooms half the number of persons.

At the end, check whether the number of people offered matches the number of people requested.

Gross or net prices?

Always enter gross prices (incl. taxes) and define the appropriate tax rate. This is used to calculate a net price, which is displayed to the customer in addition to the gross price.

Double room or single room?

When making an inquiry, the customer must state whether they require a double or single room. If there is no indication, single rooms are assumed.

What about breakfast?

If the rate already includes breakfast, this can be offered as a module that is included. If breakfast is charged separately, it can be offered as a module.

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