How Gen Z is changing travel – conference hotel, co-living or private accommodation?


Fine, but small – with a café and barber store? Many hotel lobbies already resemble coffee shops and co-working spaces. Gen Z is changing travel and is currently the largest age group at 32% of the total population.

With this knowledge, it is important to take the demands placed on hotels in terms of social interaction seriously. The hotel world does not need to be reinvented. Rather, it shows us that we can bring places that have fallen asleep back to life. Reason enough to take a closer look and take a closer look at the generations.

  • Baby boomers (1950-1964
  • Generation X (1965-1979)
  • Generation Y (1980-1994)
  • Gen Z (1995-2009)

Live to work? Working to live? Life first, then work?

The crisis has once again made it clear that Gen Z is carrying the burden of saving the world. Whether it’s climate change, diversity or the world of work.

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Reinventing conference hotels and private accommodation with Gen Z?

During an event, we want to combine work, fun and relaxation. This requires more exclusive places in harmony with nature. Yoga blocks and enough beanbags to create alternative seating options. Quiet reading corners and a relaxed living room are also included. The form in which this is implemented is the responsibility of the respective accommodations. The fact is, we need far more than “just” a room.

Gen z attaches particular importance to local materials, exclusivity and minimalism. After all, they are supposed to save the world! Constantly with an awareness of economy and sustainability

Plants are not only a prerequisite, but also ensure naturalness and relaxation. Creative elements such as pictures, vases and books are also required.

Not so easy and it requires a lot of imagination as to what the world of tomorrow will look like.

Team feeling at the next meetingwhat would we like?

Why we should not underestimate Generation Z and take them seriously.

There are now numerous creative offices and role models for future-oriented hotels and private accommodation. Let’s ask ourselves the question: How do I feel privately in a different place, away from home? Where do new ideas and thoughts arise? In which places have new decisions been made or your own energy levels recharged? That’s right, outside your own four walls.

Where I can work independently and withdraw. Space for creativity & individualism.

What do we particularly like about Gen Z? Brave enough to try new things. Driving change and creating a new revolution.

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Barbecue Dinner Deluxe – we love it!
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Work & Meet – Rooftop Bar!

Here you can give free rein to your ideas. Recharge your batteries and continue your education.

How Gen Z will travel in the future and why!

Act mindfully – Every journey is well thought out and consciously embarked upon. Sustainable accommodation is clearly preferred. Special hotels with workplaces, cozy rooms and a reduced buffet with local dishes are becoming increasingly popular.

Digital options – accommodation, co-working spaces and hotels must be quick and easy to find using a smartphone.

Social media – Instagram is not only ideal for searching for information, but in some cases presents hotels better than their own hotel page on the web.

Local Experiences – Unlike Millennials, Gen Z likes to interact with locals. Regional dishes are a matter of course. A little tip: Gen Z likes to spend money on sustainable food and drink.

And as you already know, sustainable hotels and accommodation are exactly our thing: meet sustainable.

Conclusion on how Gen Z will change travel!

We call it the future of the brave – yoga retreats and mindfulness have long been on the agenda here. Vegetarian recipes, local partners, home-grown vegetables and innovative restaurants.

Places to slow down is not an invention, but a reality. It is our job to connect people and bring them to powerful places. The courage to connect generations and promote absolute role models. This is the only way we can create sustainable event formats.

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