Planning a team workation abroad: the perfect mix of work and adventure


Tired of being stuck in the dreary office routine and want to send your team on an unforgettable journey? A team workation abroad offers the ideal opportunity to strengthen the sense of togetherness, provide new impetus and create shared experiences. Distance from operational business allows you to develop creative solutions and improve your team dynamics. But where should it go? What does it actually cost and how do I find suitable accommodation?

1. why do a workation with the team 

A team workation abroad not only offers the opportunity to work productively, but also to strengthen the team and promote personal bonds. Shared experiences create a strong sense of unity and bring a breath of fresh air into your team. In addition, being away from the daily grind allows you to focus on new ideas and projects, and the fresh sea air and Mediterranean lifestyle are simply enriching.

2. these mistakes should be avoided in a team workation! 

To make your team workation a complete success, you should avoid a few common mistakes. 

These include poor Wi-Fi, which can hinder work, an unproductive atmosphere in sterile conference hotels, a difficult journey, a climate that is too hot, which impairs performance, or the lack of places to retreat to for concentrated work or personal discussions. 

Consider the current team harmony and think about the characters of the individual participants. Some groups are already very well-rehearsed and can live closer together, while other teams need regular retreats and time for themselves. 

To avoid these mistakes and take the stress out of planning, you can use the free service from meetreet, for example, which has put together over 400 creative team offsite locations that offer perfect working conditions and space for larger groups. 

3. the best locations for a team workation 

Choosing the right goal for your team workation is crucial. It influences the costs, the duration of the trip, but also the vibe of your Team Offsite. We show you some of our favorites. 

Barcelona, Spain

Immerse yourself in the vibrant atmosphere and enjoy the city’s cultural diversity and culinary delights. Especially good for stays of 4 – 10 days.


Explore the beautiful coastal landscapes and spend relaxing hours by the sea. You can easily spend a few weeks here.

Canary Islands, Spain

Enjoy the year-round mild climate and breathtaking landscapes, which provide the ideal setting for outdoor activities and team building. A good choice for the winter months in particular

Brandenburg, Germany

Discover the picturesque countryside idyll just a stone’s throw from Berlin. Easy access and distance from the big city are just two advantages.

Cape Town, South Africa

Experience the mix of urban flair and natural beauty that offers a unique experience for your team. Here you have a multicultural environment and a wide range of activities. However, several weeks are recommended due to the long journey.

Baltic Sea, Germany

The Baltic Sea region from Rügen to Flensburg offers picturesque beaches and accommodation with a maritime flair. You will come down considerably after just a few days.


Explore the Alpine panoramas and the variety of outdoor activities that are perfect for team building. We love Austrian hospitality.

4 How do I find the right Team Workation accommodation?

Finding the right accommodation for your team workation can be a challenge, but there are several options that can help you. 

Use tips from other companies, be inspired by pictures on Instagram or explore platforms for team workation locations such as, which specializes in team accommodation. The accommodation at meetreet is suitable for groups of 5 – 50 people and the hosts regularly organize team workations. You can rely on finding perfect working conditions and a creative, inspiring environment and receive free support with location scouting and planning.

The perfect accommodation for your team workation should offer fast Wi-Fi, a quiet working area and sufficient rooms. Ideally, it is reserved exclusively for your team so that you can work undisturbed and spend time together

5. the best travel options for your team workation abroad 

When planning your team workation, it is important to take travel into account to ensure that everything runs smoothly and that your team adventure gets off to the best possible start. Here are some of the best ways to get to your chosen destination: 

1. airplane: For distant destinations such as Barcelona, Cape Town or the Canary Islands, air travel is often the fastest and most convenient option. Look for direct flights to avoid long stopovers and shorten the travel time. 

2. train or bus: If your team workation takes place in a nearby city or region, traveling by train or bus can be an environmentally friendly and relaxed alternative. This is particularly practical for destinations such as Brandenburg or Austria, which are well connected to the European rail network. 

3. car: For flexible travel and exploring the local area, traveling by car can be a good option. Rent a vehicle to be independent and have the freedom to organize your team workation according to your own ideas. This is particularly suitable for regions such as Brandenburg or the Baltic Sea, which are easily accessible by car. 

4. boat: For destinations along the coast or on islands, you can also consider traveling by boat. This can provide a unique experience and get you in the right mood before you even arrive at your team workation. This travel option is particularly suitable for destinations such as the Canary Islands or Croatia. 

Which travel option is best for you depends on your location, your preferences and the goal of your team workation. Plan your trip in good time and choose the option that best suits your needs to get your team adventure off to the perfect start. 

6. how long should a team workation be? 

The duration of your team workation depends on your goals and needs, but a rule of thumb is: at least 2 days up to 2 weeks. This leaves enough time to work together, but also to explore and enjoy the destination. 

7 What does a workation with the team cost? 

A team workation can incur different costs depending on which destination you choose and which accommodation you select. A separate house for the team is often cheaper than individual hotel rooms. 

Rooms in the Mediterranean, for example, are available from €50 per person (strong seasonal differences), while accommodation costs in the Canary Islands or Austria average between €70 and €150 per person per night. You can save money by cooking for yourself or hiring a cook, sharing rooms or foregoing exclusive rent.

Then there is the journey, which is also very destination-dependent. Traveling by team bus/minivan or private car is often the cheapest way.

Our conclusion to an eventful team workation  

A team workation abroad offers a unique opportunity to combine work and adventure to strengthen the team and develop new ideas. Discover the variety of possible locations and find the perfect accommodation for your team adventure. Use thefree support services to find the ideal team offsite location and strengthen your team dynamics. Then nothing stands in the way of a successful team offsite!

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