Team event ideas – 5 creative ideas that bring the team together


Emotional team event ideas are particularly popular

Every now and then we need some sun and the mountains to recharge our batteries and make sure we work more productively as a team.

One thing is clear: the team should be able to work independently in this space and find sufficient room for relaxation and inspiration. 

Do you want to do something good and get involved as a team at the same time? Is there a designer within your team? Ask your hosts and arrange for a meeting with local designers. Farmers could harvest the ingredients for dinner with you in the morning and soccer players could teach the local team. 

A spirit of optimism in the team? Well then, let’s get going! 

From Mallorca to Tyrol – young & international team events

The young and lively atmosphere on Mallorca, traditional gastronomy and lovingly designed hotels are special. 

Culture, mountains and plenty of nature can be found in Tirol. Here, too, there are plenty of creative places and hosts to remember.

The idea of an ideal location for team events is almost impossible. Because there is a lot to discover: The team is at the center and decides together on the location, but not the accommodation.

Why? Team events in a hut or on a finca? The locations are as limitless as your team’s opinions. We help you find an inspiring place that strengthens the team and creates experiences. 

Form an organizing team for the next team event to work together on ideas for the team event.

In 2021, there were a total of 672 hotels in Mallorca alone. However, not all of them are suitable for team events and it takes a lot of patience to find the right accommodation. The great thing is that we can help you with this.

(Source: statista)

Team event ideas for baby boomers, millennials, remote workers and digital nomads

How about a place with a yoga room, use of the co-working space and the option of renting e-bikes?

All of this is possible and can be one of many criteria if you want to find a suitable location. Important! Ask and share your experience with the hotel/accommodation. 

Hidden extra costs should also be asked about at the outset and clearly communicated. Some room rates already include the above-mentioned benefits and in-house options are always well received by the team.

BON DIA! Yoga makes you happy. Mallorca not only has numerous yoga teachers, but also the perfect team accommodation. A calm mind and physical exercises before the team event are enough to start the day with a good feeling.

It’s best to ask if there are yoga mats, fresh smoothies in the morning and how breakfast is organized. Vegan options and other alternatives are included.

THE CREATIVE PART! Away from classic room seating and the courage to change. Team events take place in a circle of chairs, on the couch, in the co-working area or in a flexible room. It’s time we started to rethink and make room for spontaneous spatial concepts.

And after work, you can experience the region together: Biking, hiking, pottery, painting and skiing. Essential for the balance within the team! Snowshoe hikes and a shared campfire are particularly popular for a team event.

Team event ideas in the city – centrally located and within walking distance

The culture in the respective cities is particularly impressive. Each place tells its own story. It is worth booking a city guide. Meanwhile, there are great people who do this job with a lot of love. An ingenious team event idea with further training character.

There is probably no better place to put your tired feet up after a long day than the fabulous terraces. How about a workshop on the roof with a view of the city? This is the perfect place for a relaxed aperitif or creative meeting. 

A sustainable journey by train or team bus is also possible. So remember, there are numerous city hotels and accommodations that have a lot to offer.

Team event ideas in Mallorca – Mallorcan, modern and artistic

A very special place is well hidden in a small village in the interior of Mallorca. 

A little tip! You can create a great atmosphere within the team in advance. Our partner Saatgut Konfetti prints your own sustainable confetti bags. Remember that your team event starts before you arrive so that it stays in people’s minds.

Get to know seed confetti

And what happens afterwards? A few weeks after the team event, the first basil is already growing at home? Jungerspross not only personalizes your packaging, but also reminds you of the moment a few weeks later.

Get to know the young scion

Well, once you’ve arrived in Mallorca, a historic building with 12 wonderful rooms awaits you. Here you have both: peace and quiet and enough space for special team events. No other wishes remain unfulfilled: Pool, yoga mats, co-working spaces and healthy food. 

A meeting point on the sandy beach is also highly recommended.

Location Curolla

“If you always do what you can already do, you will always remain what you already are.”

Henry Ford

Conclusion: Creative ideas for team events

  • Healthy food and smoothies in the morning
  • Makes you want the team event (team gifts and sustainable ideas) 
  • Be bold and test new things: away from the classic event space
  • Do something good and get involved in local projects
  • Flexible rooms and seating options
  • Activities such as hiking, yoga, pottery and painting for more concentration 
  • Sustainable places combined with a sustainable journey
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