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Creative ideas to escape the hustle and bustle of the city

In the fast-paced world of big cities, it’s easy to lose focus in the hustle and bustle of everyday life. The constant availability, noise and hectic pace can not only be stressful, but also inhibit creativity. That’s why it’s sometimes necessary to turn your back on the urban jungle to make room for new, creative ideas. A change of scenery with a team meeting in nature can work wonders: it refreshes the mind, promotes team dynamics and allows you to focus on the essentials. So why not swap the office walls for woods and meadows and see what creative flights of fancy emerge?

It doesn’t always have to be far – great locations are just around the corner!

You don’t necessarily have to fly abroad to experience an inspiring team meeting. On you will find numerous team meeting locations in the countryside that are just a stone’s throw away from the city. A quick change of scenery can work wonders and boost creativity.

It doesn’t always need luxury, simplicity and minimalism promise an authentic experience

You don’t always need luxury to have an unforgettable team meeting. In fact, simplicity and minimalism can offer a much more authentic and profound experience. In a minimalist environment that is free of unnecessary distractions, you can concentrate fully on the essentials: your team and the tasks at hand. This simplicity creates space for real connections and encourages creativity

Team meeting in nature: seclusion ensures focus

Seclusion is more than just a place without distractions; it is a state that clears the mind and sharpens focus. In a secluded environment, you are far away from the constant interruptions of everyday office life, such as emails, phone calls or spontaneous meetings. This calm allows you to concentrate more intensively on the agenda and discussions within the team. You can immerse yourself in the topics without constantly losing the thread. Seclusion therefore creates not only physical but also mental space, which is essential for concentrated and effective work. And that is precisely what makes them key to successful team meetings. Openness and honest exchange are much more likely in such an environment, as the Harvard Business Review reports.

Repetition is key: Leaving the big city regularly

A one-off experience is great, but the magic is in the repetition. Plan regular offsites in nature to strengthen the team spirit. According to a study by Stanford University, spending time in nature can reduce cortisol levels, a stress hormone, by up to 21%. You can find out more here.

Peace of mind: escape the hectic pace and avoid day-to-day business

Peace of mind is more than just a pleasant state; it is a prerequisite for deep thinking and creative problem solving. The hectic pace of day-to-day business often leaves little time for strategic considerations or creative brainstorming. The constant deadlines and to-do lists can occupy the mind so much that there is hardly any room for anything new. It is therefore important to consciously take time to escape the day-to-day business and focus on higher-level issues. A meeting in nature offers exactly this opportunity. Far away from e-mails, phone calls and spontaneous meetings, you can devote your time to the really important questions. Whether it’s about long-term strategy, team dynamics or innovative projects – you can devote your full attention to these topics in the seclusion of nature. And who knows, maybe the next big idea will come during a walk through the forest. The fresh air and natural surroundings can increase concentration and therefore productivity, as the Journal of Environmental Psychology shows.

The best team meeting locations in nature

Tiny Houses in the Harz Mountains

An exceptional recreation and event location with cozy vacation homes in the middle of the forest, which can be booked individually or as a complete location for groups, yoga retreats, workshops and team offsites.

This special location is also ideal for your yoga and meditation retreats, personal development and spiritual events.

This location is very outdoor and rustic-“modern” in character. If you like it down-to-earth “back to the roots”, extremely close to nature (with chickens, campfire, in the middle of the forest), you will feel at home with these hosts.

Rock village in the Eifel

Want to brainstorm around the campfire or on our large bistro terrace? Or a short hike into the Devil’s Gorge, where you’ll come up with some devilishly good new ideas?

Unique, completely sustainably built vacation village with log and summer cabins from eco-pioneer WERKHAUS. The log cabins offer a double room and a room with bunk beds, a small private bathroom and a living area with a dining table and lounge furniture.

The summer cabins offer that glamping feeling with a double bed in the middle of nature. Each hut has its own small terrace.

Summer, sun, rocky cliffs on Gran Canaria

This special location is situated in the beautiful fishing village of ‘Puerto de las Nieves’ on Gran Canaria’s north-west coast.

From the roof terrace you have a breathtaking view of the sea and the cliffs as well as the mountains and the valley of Agaete. The house has 31 bedrooms, each with its own private bathroom. All bedrooms are for double occupancy (separate beds).

The unique location makes it possible to include both the coast with various water activities and the mountains with hiking and excursion possibilities. A daily dip in the natural swimming pool on the coast or a jump into the sea from the pier are part of daily life in Agaete.

The Agaete valley has many hiking trails, and we are happy to support you with visits to local farms or small cheese factories. Yoga on the roof terrace can round off your day.

Your house in the Black Forest

The three-storey main house with its sun terrace is surrounded by an idyllic river meadow and has a log sauna, a conference house, its own hydroelectric power station and a wood storage shed. The building ensemble is embedded in a versatile outdoor area with a large play and sunbathing lawn, hot tub, barbecue and fire pit, fishing area and small river beach.

The rooms offer all guests a modern place to sleep and retreat with their own bathroom. The windows offer a view of the surrounding river valley and the mysterious fir and spruce forests. 

Always at the start: fresh mountain spring water with excellent drinking water quality.

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