Why team offsites are the team events 2.0 of the New Work era


Why you’re not ready for the New Work era without team retreats – Team Offsites, the perfect New Work team event

New Work team event – More than a foosball table and fresh fruit?

New Work – no term has been more misused and misapplied in bullshit bingo. 

New Work is much more than just foosball tables and nap corners in modern companies. Rather, the development of the new world of work is a consequence of globalization and digitalization and the associated development from an industrial to a knowledge society. 

The most important characteristics include a new level of freedom, flexibility and participation in the community as well as opening up new paths for creativity and personal development. 

And a relatively new event format in Germany – the so-called “team offsite” or “team event” – fits precisely into this new understanding.

What is a Team Offsite?

Under a Team Offsite, also known as Company Retreat or An offsite meeting is a meeting outside the office that combines strategic work with a team-building program. In addition to workshops, activities are organized to bring the team together.

As early as 1985, Steve Jobs recognized the potential of offsites and saw the goal primarily in “planting a seed of a new company culture”.

Innovation is difficult to foster, which is why teams need the right environment to solve underlying problems, whether organizational, personal or communication-related.

We explain why the setting is crucial to the success or failure of the team measure in more detailhere   .

What is a team retreat?

At a team offsite or team retreat, team members can network, inspire each other and get away from the daily grind; this encourages creativity and the acceptance of new impulses.

Above all, they talk about how they want to work together as a team in the future. Goals, vision and values are a popular topic at an offsite event.

New Work – What your team could look like offsite

What exactly does a Offsite do with the team? 

Red Oak Consulting talks about their experiences, exercises and challenges they tackled in their first meetreet team offsite. You can find the complete case study here.

The team event of the New Work era

Team event: Team offsite example

Your next team offsite – New Work team event

Team Offsites therefore reflects much of what characterizes the New Work movement. There is a conscious decision to say goodbye to dull office landscapes and look for a new, inspiring environment. 

Offsites or retreats promote creativity and innovation by enabling creative breaks and thus also create an ideal basis for the new world of work.

If you are thinking of planning a team offsite, feel free to contact the meetreet team. We have found inspiring Locations and the right Supporting program for your next event. 

meetreet Redaktion
meetreet Redaktion

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