Organize Team Workation in 8 steps – Everything you need to know


In this guide, we share our experience of organizing your first workation with the team so that you have a really productive and enjoyable time in your team workation.

What is a team workation?

A team workation combines work and vacation at a different location, whether alone or together in a team. We focus here on team workation, which encompasses the collaboration of a department or the entire team of a company. On site, you will then combine working together with traveling and relaxation.

You get the opportunity to continue your regular work and at the same time discover new places and get to know different cultures. This strengthens the team culture and brings new inspiration.

What is the aim of a team workation?

Combining vacation and work

The opportunity to combine work and relaxation in a different location is unique in this day and age. Work productively, but also use the time to explore the local area.

Gain distance from familiar surroundings and get new impulses

New perspectives often arise from a change of scenery. So be brave and choose a place that is far away from your everyday life (which doesn’t always have to be far away)

Strengthen team culture as well as exchange & networking

It happens naturally that a stronger team feeling develops when you spend a lot of time together. The after-work activities in particular are designed to get to know each other better and create lasting positive moments. This provides an opportunity for exchange and networking within the team.

In the end, the important thing is that you have a good time as a team.

How do I design a workation effectively?

Avoid too many distractions

To ensure the effectiveness of a workation, it is crucial to minimize distractions. This can be achieved by setting up a dedicated workspace, establishing clear working hours and avoiding potential disruptive factors.

Choose a suitable destination

Choosing a suitable destination is crucial. Pay attention to factors such as climate, infrastructure, travel time and the local network. You will find suitable suggestions below.

Note time zone

Especially if the day-to-day business still needs to be served, the location should have as little (or no) time difference to your normal working hours as possible so that you can continue to work effectively.

Choose the right team workation location

Choosing the right location is crucial for a successful workation. Co-working opportunities, high-speed Internet, retreats and an inspiring environment are important.

Workations with the team 

A workation with the team is an exciting format, as different ideas emerge in a new environment and creativity and inspiration blossom through new impulses.  

Traveling with the team has a great impact on team bonding and is a way for teams to come together, especially in the kick-off phase or during a particularly challenging period. This can bring teams back into a strong performance phase.  

For remote-first companies, a workation is often the only event where everyone from the team can come together in one place and work together.

Here we have clarified a few more questions about workation, such as whether a workation is working time.

How do I plan a workation with the team? 

To plan a workation, there are a few important steps that you should consider:

1. define a clear goal & setting

Before you join the organization, clarify what you hope to achieve with your team workation and what your intentions are. Do you want to advance your career, acquire new skills or simply enjoy the freedom of being able to work from anywhere? By setting smart goals, you can keep the focus on the organization and ensure that your team workation meets your expectations.

2. find the right location for the team workation

The choice of location plays a decisive role in the organization of your team workation. Think about where you want to go and what requirements this place places on your work. Takes into account factors such as the availability of coworking spaces, internet connections, accommodation and leisure activities. We present a list of suitable locations below.

3. coordination with the rest of the team or superiors

Before starting your team workation, make sure that all the necessary agreements have been made with your employer. Clarify how much working time is expected during the team workation and what requirements are placed on you. Also get the team on board with the idea.

4. book your Team Workation accommodation

Once you have decided on your destination, book suitable accommodation. There are various options such as conference hotels, vacation apartments or even coworking spaces with overnight accommodation. Choose accommodation that meets your requirements and is close to coworking spaces and other important facilities.

5. create a schedule

To ensure productivity during your team workation, creating a schedule is essential. Determine when you want to work, plan your free time and integrate breaks and leisure activities.

6. take care of the travel planning

fter you have booked your location and accommodation, take care of the travel planning. Choose the right mode of travel, book flights or train tickets and plan how you will get from the airport or train station to your accommodation.

7. pack your things

Before you set off, make sure you have packed everything you need for your team workation. Bear in mind that this trip can be longer than a normal vacation. Pack enough clothes and other important items. Don’t forget to bring your work equipment such as laptops and other electronic devices to stay productive during the Team Workation.

8. be flexible

A team workation is an opportunity to discover new places and get to know other cultures. Nevertheless, it is important to remain flexible. If plans change or unexpected challenges arise, adjust your plans and make the most of them.

What are the best team workation locations?

First of all, you should consider what kind of workation you would like to experience. Are you looking for a secluded and quiet environment that inspires you to get creative? Or do you prefer big cities where you can experience a lot as a team?

Lisbon, Portugal

Lisbon not only offers a fascinating mix of history and modernity, but also an up-and-coming digital nomad community. The city is affordable and has a relaxed atmosphere.

Gran Canaria, Spain

The Canary Islands, especially Gran Canaria, attract visitors with their pleasant climate and diverse landscapes. There are coworking spaces and the option to choose between the beach and the mountains.

Barcelona, Spain

Barcelona is a cultural hotspot with breathtaking architecture, excellent cuisine and a lively digital nomad scene. Coworking spaces are plentiful and the Mediterranean climate contributes to a sense of well-being.

Split, Croatia

Split on the Dalmatian coast offers a unique blend of ancient architecture and modern flair. Coworking spaces are available, and the nearby islands offer recreational opportunities.

Berlin, Germany

The German capital is a hotspot for start-ups. Berlin not only offers a vibrant atmosphere, but also numerous coworking spaces, innovative ideas and a creative scene.

Zurich, Switzerland

Zurich is not only a financial center, but also a city with a thriving start-up culture. The city offers a high quality of life and a diverse business landscape.

Munich & Alpine region, Germany

Munich is not only characterized by its economic strength, but also by an up-and-coming start-up community. The city offers an ideal mix of tradition and innovation.

Bali, Indonesia

Bali not only offers breathtaking landscapes, but also a vibrant digital nomad community. Coworking spaces and relaxed beaches create an inspiring environment for productive work.

Chiang Mai, Thailand

Known for its cultural diversity and affordable cost of living, Chiang Mai is a magnet for digital nomads. The city offers a relaxed atmosphere, excellent internet connections and many coworking options. The annual SEO conference in particular brings together experts from all over the world.

Cape Town, South Africa

A colorful country with (almost) no time difference to Europe, breathtaking scenery, cheap (and good) food make Cape Town the perfect destination in (European) winter. However, bear in mind the local security situation

Copenhagen, Denmark

The Danes are known for their relaxed lifestyle. Hygge design and Nordic mentality can be found in this metropolis that doesn’t want to feel like a big city at all

You can also find more places on the recommended Nomads List platform.

Once you have chosen the location, you can search for suitable workstation locations. Meetreet can help you with this. Here you will only find tested locations that are perfect for team workations and are sure to inspire you. Many hotels, accommodation providers and tour operators offer special workation packages.

Activities for Team Workations

The best activities depend on which destination you have chosen. If you want to get out into nature, experiences such as a sunrise hike (or sunset for the late risers among you ūüėČ) can be perfect.

But also dares to come up with special ideas, such as:

  • an expedition to a banana or coffee plantation
  • A visit to a winery
  • A quad bike tour through the hinterland
  • A sailing trip with the team

and get in touch with the locals. For example, cooking courses, painting workshops or city tours.

Try to create moments that you will talk about for a long time sitting around the campfire.

How meetreet can support you with a team workation

meetreet is a community of 400+ inspiring locations for teams worldwide. With our curated locations, you can be sure that you won’t experience any nasty surprises and will find perfect working conditions.

We also support you in finding the right location with our Venue Consulting Service and you can request up to three locations from us at any time free of charge.

Our conclusion on the Team Workation

Workstations are an exciting way to replace everyday office life and work on creative ideas with a team or alone in a new environment. A workation can be the right setting, especially if you feel like the ceiling is falling on your head in the office or you want to start a new project or change the team dynamic.  

With over 400 curated locations, we can help you with your planning and location search.

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