Strategic teamwork: team offsites as an innovation and motivation boost


Team Offsites: Strategic work as an innovation boost

Team offsites are becoming increasingly popular as a way of distancing yourself from your day-to-day business. Out with the team, into an inspiring new environment. This promises the necessary calm, innovation, creativity and sustainable motivation. 

But for which occasions exactly are team offsites best suited?


The team event focuses on fun and the challenge as a team. Team events are largely incentives: the aim is to reward the team for their work. Team offsites are perfect for a different kind of team event. You have the chance to network as a team and create shared, lasting experiences. On a team offsite, on the other hand, the possibilities are limitless.


Workshops of all kinds work great offsite. A design thinking workshop, for example. works particularly well because the new environment encourages creativity and can be used for problem-solving tasks. Whether it’s about strengthening team cohesion, improving communication within the team or getting to know the strengths and roles of team colleagues, Team Offsite gives you the time and space you need to actively work on your team. For a Tean Offsite, we also recommend relying on external impulses and an outside perspective by bringing in the right coach or consultant for your challenge.

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Out of the office – into strategic teamwork


Most managers estimate the time they spend on strategic work in the team much higher than the time they actually spend. Working strategically means looking at the big picture away from day-to-day operations. Offsite is a great place to develop a new business plan, a new business model or a product – also in the form of hackathons. All of this works really well because the team can distance itself from the status quo. Getting a clear head and not being constantly distracted – that really helps the team. This also increases the popularity of the Team Offsite.

Team offsite and more time for strategic work…

… that sounds pretty good. But how can this be implemented in reality and how can the team’s capacities be freed up?
We are often asked this question and there is no standardized and simple answer. It is important that you make time for strategic questions within the team. This can be a kick of meeting, but also a classic team-building event, which is interspersed with work sessions.

Be aware of the importance of a team offsite and try to make time for it – even several months in advance. This also gives you the opportunity to check the availability of the requested locations. Team offsites can increase the long-term success of a team.

If you need more reasons why a team offsite should be on the cards, take a look at this article: 5 reasons for your next team offsite.

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