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Mobility, topics such as New Work, digitalization, social responsibility and therefore sustainable events are exactly our thing at meetreet. Sustainable events are more than lived by our hosts. No matter which region you are in, we have a selection of special accommodation for you. The focus is on the immediate surroundings and the purpose of this accommodation.

“Is daily room cleaning really necessary? 7.5 liters of water are used per lead cleaning (flushing toilets, cleaning sinks, showers and mopping floors and surfaces) Source A&O hotel chain, brradio /

Meetreet is about much more than just accommodation. We will be talking specifically about the future of the hotel and event industry. What do future events look like? What can we personally contribute? What does resource-conserving actually mean? What does digital invitation management look like?

Sustainable events are not only worthwhile for companies, but also for the participants:

With special venues, local food, sustainable transportation solutions and less paperwork, you can enjoy a pleasant day at a workshop, offsite or conference.

Planning sustainable events can be very simple. We’ll show you how in this article.

Choosing a sustainable event location

We have the opportunity to act in a sustainable and environmentally conscious manner right from the research stage. On a regional level, it is much easier to organize sustainable events or to find the golden mean of remote workers. Meetreet makes it possible for us to find a sustainable location digitally and in the shortest possible time.

It is also important to answer the necessary questions: What is the aim of the event? Who is the event aimed at? Where do you want to go and for how long?

Our hosts will be happy to tell you which measures have already been implemented. You can even get involved and make a personal contribution (e.g. avoid daily room cleaning and proactively request it, plan a reduced food selection and a climate-neutral journey).

When is an event sustainable – 5 important factors

And after the event? Start calculating the climate impact of the event and communicates visions with the participants using visualizations.(Karina Stolz, Visual Memos)

Sustainable events are environmentally friendly, economical, socially responsible, diverse and inclusive. Environmentally friendly? Are we talking about biodegradable pens or recyclable lunch boxes? No, it’s much more than that!

“The vacuum cleaners in each room run for five minutes at an output of 850 watts.

“46 percent of German travelers state that they want to have an authentic experience of the local culture. 

“30 years ago, a hotel was already “environmentally friendly” if the towels weren’t changed every day.

“Overall, Rügenwalder Mühle increased sales in the vegetarian and vegan segment by 42 percent. Rethink!

Source A&O hotel chain, brradio /


Communication: Reduction of paper consumption, e.g. through digital invitation and event management (electronic dispatch of invitations, event website, use of an app, agenda and information during the conference only on screens); provision of brochures via QR codes).

Catering: Away from mass production – fewer buffets. Use regional and seasonal products. Tip: How about charging extra for meat in future? Sustainable events should and may cost more.

Mobility: Shared bus trips and travel by public transport should be encouraged. We do not recommend individual travel by car.(Hanse Mondial)

Resources: The event should be as resource-efficient as possible. We are talking about possible water carafes that can be refined with lemon or mint.

Social responsibility: This includes various measures such as equal rights, accessibility and fair working conditions.

At, we pay particular attention to social responsibility. Our hosts are future-oriented and are absolute role models for us.

Example: At our renovated station, 10% of the proceeds go to social projects for particularly vulnerable children in northern Thailand and Calcutta, where the location maintains personal relationships.

Others promote start-ups and now offer discounts of 5%-10% on the total price.

DSC 0020
Plan conscious breaks – How to Take Care of Your Body

Sustainable hotels – a strong example

The Creativhotel Luise promises a very special overnight experience. In this hotel, with 92 hotel rooms, you can shower like an astronaut and sleep on coconut and seaweed fibers. 

What fascinates us in particular? The components of the rooms are either 100% recyclable or 100% biodegradable.

In addition to a think box, perfect for team offsite events, other exciting meeting rooms await you, such as a roof garden or the glass house. What are you waiting for? Sustainable events in southern Germany. The perfect location for the next team offsite event.

A former hotel room as a Franconian lounge, a meeting room full of old suitcases, an event room with a biophilic design: here you’ll find everything but run-of-the-mill rooms! 

Sustainable events – partnerships and cooperations

Meetreet is about much more than special accommodation. We promote sustainable events even more through our cooperation partners.

Monthly community call – this way we strengthen accommodations and connect our hosts with each other. We are convinced that connecting with each other should come first. The design of sustainable events is always an important part of the meetreet agenda.

We also focus on the journey and therefore also on calculating the Footprint. Here you can calculate the footprint before planning the event.

Partnerships are formed regionally and nationally. Whether Saatgut, Nusswahn, Jungerspross or Hanse Mondial. They all pursue the same goal and make a positive contribution to sustainability. We are particularly proud to have these partners on board.

saatgutwurf 1
SAATGUTKONFETTI – Compostable confetti

Conclusion on sustainable events

Sustainability is one of the key factors. That’s why you should look out for particularly sustainable locations for workshops. They are energy-efficient, avoid disposable products and provide regional, often vegan/vegetarian catering. You should also consider your journey to the workshop location and travel by train if possible.

It is about much more than renewable energies and waste separation. There are challenges that have to be overcome together. Selected and regional dishes, a consistent reduction of unnecessary writing pads. 

New Work is not an invention, but a reality. It is our job to connect people and create fair working conditions. The courage to connect generations and promote competent managers. This is the only way we can create sustainable event formats.

Do without daily room cleaning

“Focus on holistic concepts / new work concepts

“Also ask about standards and ask for more flexibility

such as reusable tableware and other alternatives that are predefined

Sustainable catering – scrutinize catering partners and ensure that more is purchased locally than globally

Hotel chains and larger event locations – draw attention to your most important values

Work out benefits – for the location/accommodation and within the company

pexels aleksandar pasaric 3280216

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meetreet Redaktion
meetreet Redaktion

Die meetreet Redaktion besteht aus Locationspezialist:innen, Eventmanager:innen und Offsite Enthusiast:innen. Mit hoher inhaltlicher Qualität wollen wir echten Mehrwert schaffen und euch die Event-Planung so einfach wie möglich machen.


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