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Cool team event locations with activities

Would you like to get out of the office and everyday working life with your team? Get out of the city and fill up on country air and make room for new inspiration? Or experience a different European culture and enjoy real team-building moments with local players?  

We’ll show you tips and tricks on how to book your perfect team event location. Whether it’s a seminar house to feel good in or a conference hotel to exchange ideas, meetreet will support you. 

What is a team event?

A team event is an event that aims to strengthen and build a team. At a team event, teams can take part in activities that help them improve their communication skills, problem-solving thinking and teamwork. It can also help to strengthen team cohesion and cooperation. Team events can be a great way to strengthen the spirit of community. Team events can be organized as single day events or trips lasting several days.

Seminar house or conference hotel for a team event? 

Do you prefer a private, familiar atmosphere for your team offsite or should your location offer more comfort and services? 

Seminar houses have a more personal character than a conference hotel. You are usually alone with your group here and can cater for yourselves in open and modern kitchens. The predominantly secluded location in the middle of nature allows you to break out of your daily work routine, have a focused and creative exchange and strengthen the group feeling through joint activities. Here you will find additional information on how to book a special seminar house.

However, if you want a little more comfort and service as well as a more central location, we recommend booking a conference hotel. Here you have optimally created work areas and meeting rooms that create a motivating atmosphere with bright colors and modern interiors. With professional all-inclusive facilities and all-round service, you will be pampered and can concentrate on the essentials. Of course, your team day ideas are not neglected here either. Together with the conference hotel, you will find the perfect team-building activities to strengthen you as a group. You can find additional information on booking a conference hotel here:

If you’re not sure whether a conference hotel, seminar house or group house is right for you, we’ve explained the differences in this article.

Book a team event location with meetreet 

Whether for a small team meeting or for all your employees, meetreet offers you hundreds of selected seminar venues and conference hotels in Europe that offer you optimal working areas and flexible solutions to make your company event a highlight.  
To help you find your perfect location, you can enter your number of participants and budget on meetreet. You can also choose between the categories co-working, hotel, team house, country estate, ship or day event location. It is important to specify your favorite region and how much time you would like to plan for your journey.  
But there is much more to booking your seminar house or conference hotel: Would you like to travel together as a team? Would you like to have catering support on selected days in your team house? And what about your team day ideas and team building activities?  

Our locations offer you creative ideas and activities that you can quickly and easily integrate into your location request. From pottery, campfires, cooking classes, yoga sessions, exploring sugar cane plantations, mountain hikes, ski tours or coaching for conflict management and team building, our selected locations and local partners have the right thing for you. 

How can I find team building activities? 

If you are looking for a suitable seminar house or conference hotel with extraordinary team activities, you can already see in the location overview on meetreet which leisure activities the location offers. You can also find a wide range of activities under the heading “Get active here” to boost your productivity and teamwork. You can easily and flexibly combine these into your request and simplify your booking process for your corporate event. 

Here we have selected some exceptional seminar venues and conference hotels for you that will strengthen your team dynamics with sporting, creative, sustainable and healthy activities. 

The best locations for team events

Team houses on the water near Hamburg

What could be better than a team meeting location right by the Baltic Sea! The fresh sea air promotes a clear head and gives your team new ideas. Perfect for well-established teams facing a new challenge. Our tips for your activities in the team houses by the water: 

  • Joint cooking events 
  • Yoga Retreats 
  • Cycling tours on the Baltic Sea 
  • Beach walks 
  • Outdoor sauna 
  • Table tennis cellar 

Villa & retreat hotel in Tuscany

A private seminar house on the coast of Tuscany is the perfect way to treat yourself to some time out and work together on new perspectives for your challenges and projects as a team. Here you can relax and reflect in the private garden or by the private pool: 

  • Yoga retreats on the yoga terrace 
  • Coach for conflict management 
  • Team building measures  
  • Joint Italian cooking course 

Team event location near Berlin

For nature lovers, hikers and cyclists, this area offers one of the most beautiful landscapes in this part of Germany. This renovated barn offers plenty of space for team-building activities, both indoors and in the 3000 square meter garden. One-day events, but also an overnight stay in the 5 bedrooms is possible.

The large walk-in fireplace is located in the covered, unheated hall.

Team event location in Berlin for one day

If you are only planning a team day and don’t want to travel far, this creative house with restaurant is the perfect choice.

Idyllically situated on Lake Scharmützelsee in Bad Saarow and only about an hour away from Berlin. Here you can enjoy modern interpretations of Bavarian specialties in a wonderful ambience.

You have the choice between a sun terrace, a large beer garden and a champagne lounge.

Boutique hotel in Mauritius

A boutique hotel of a different kind awaits you in Mauritius. Locality and sustainability are very important here. Be inspired by exotic scents, traditional customs and dreamlike backdrops and write your next success stories with these team activities: 

  • Meetings with local designers and artists 
  • A day on the sugar cane plantation 
  • The vanilla experience 
  • Meeting locals: Cooperation with local schools and sports clubs 
  • Joint cooking courses 
  • Pottery together 
  • Joint boat trips 

Hotel & Chalets in South Tyrol

Delicious input from regional South Tyrolean cuisine and a breathtaking mountain backdrop. Where better to recharge your batteries and create new input than in a family-run, design-loving hotel in the mountains. Here you can give free rein to your ideas and experience luxury: 

  • Guided hikes in the Alps 
  • Alpine skiing, ski hiking and tobogganing fun 
  • Biking 
  • Pizza in a wood-fired oven 
  • Wellness: infinity pool, sauna area and sun terraces 

Conclusion: team event location ideas

The right location is an important factor in deciding whether your team event will be a success. Only when the participants feel comfortable can the team become stronger and new connections be formed.

On meetreet you will only find certified team event locations. Whether in Germany or in the sun on the Mediterranean. Get out of the city and into the adventure with the team for an event that you will remember for a long time to come.

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