What is a company retreat? And how is it done successfully?


What is a company retreat?

A company retreat is an event format used by companies where the entire team comes together in a usually secluded location to withdraw from everyday operations and work creatively or strategically.

The focus here is not on day-to-day work, but rather on promoting team spirit, creativity and strategic orientation. The retreat character is created by the tranquillity and joint activities that normally have no place in everyday working life.


Which companies should do company retreats?

Companies that cultivate a remote working culture benefit particularly from company retreats. The events offer the opportunity to connect employees on a personal level, strengthen team spirit and drive forward a strategic realignment.

Even if the ceiling is slowly falling on your head in the office and your thoughts are going round in circles, it may be time for a company retreat.

Difference between company retreat and team offsite

Both formats are fundamentally similar and a clear demarcation is still developing.

One approach is that a team offsite often focuses on the physical relocation of work, while a company retreat focuses on strengthening team spirit and fostering collaboration and creativity.


The best locations for company retreats

The ideal location for a company retreat is characterized by the distance from the usual working environment. A retreat by the sea, in the mountains or surrounded by nature creates the perfect atmosphere. In addition, the location should be easily accessible to make it easier for the team to get there.

Spaces for collaborative work and individual retreat are also crucial. Places that offer this balance enable effective teamwork and personal development.

We have visited hundreds of locations around the world and put together the best insider tips for you on meetreet.

When selecting a suitable location for a company retreat, the needs of the team should also be taken into account. A location that offers both inspiring spaces and opportunities for outdoor activities allows for versatile use of time on site.

The atmosphere of the location plays a decisive role. A place with positive energy and a pleasant atmosphere promotes the creativity and well-being of the team.

What does a company retreat cost?

The cost of a company retreat varies greatly and depends on various factors, including the duration of the retreat, the number of participants, the location chosen, the type of activities and the services included. It’s important to carefully consider these elements to plan a retreat that meets both the team’s needs and the organization’s budget. Starting prices start from €50 per person per day, but can also rise to €500 per person per day.

  1. Duration of the retreat: The costs naturally increase with the duration of the retreat. A two-day retreat will usually be less expensive than a week-long event. Many locations also offer discounts for longer stays.
  2. Number of participants: The number of participants influences the costs for accommodation, meals and any activities. Larger groups often require more resources, but can also benefit from other types of accommodation.
  3. Location: The choice of location plays a decisive role. Luxurious resorts or remote nature reserves can be more expensive than more basic accommodation. On meetreet.com you will find a variety of options to suit different budgets.
  4. Activities and extras: Paid activities such as team-building events, workshops or outdoor activities can increase the total cost. Additional services such as meals, transportation and special equipment can also mean additional expenses.
  5. Planning and organization: Professional support from event planners or retreat specialists can incur additional costs, but is often seen as an investment in a smooth process and maximum benefit for the team.

Here’s an example of what other remote-first companies spend on their company retreats:

In order to better calculate the costs of a company retreat, we at meetreet recommend obtaining concrete offers from various providers and taking your team’s specific requirements into account. This allows you to plan a tailor-made retreat that not only meets the financial framework, but also fulfills the desired goals and needs.


Company retreats are a key to corporate success

Overall, company retreats offer a unique opportunity to strengthen the corporate culture, motivate employees and work together on strategic goals. By carefully selecting a suitable location, a company retreat can become an unforgettable and successful event.

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