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A workshop must be well prepared in terms of content. But the workshop location also plays an important role in your workshop. Does the team feel comfortable in the workshop? Are there enough places to retreat, but also areas to exchange ideas and network?

Finding the right workshop location can be very easy. We’ll show you how in this article.

Workshop location – that’s what counts!

We have visited numerous workshop locations throughout Europe over the last 4 years. We have noticed time and again what really makes the difference between a good and a truly special workshop location. It’s about the individual character. How this manifests itself varies. Some locations impress with their outstanding hosts. Others are technically and digitally up to date! Others have a special architecture or have been completely rethought in terms of their intended use.

Make sure that you can contact your hosts easily at any time and receive a personalized offer. It is important that all services and prices are clearly communicated so that there are no nasty surprises in the final invoice.

Creative workshop locations

A workshop location is not always just a seminar hotel or conference center. Converted lost places or former factory buildings are also suitable for this purpose.

Not far from Leipzig and around 2.5 hours from Berlin, there is a former factory building that is now used as a creative space. Here, industrial charm meets skillful furnishings and plenty of space to unfold.

Take a closer look at the location here.

Find a workshop location

If you want to find a workshop location, the best place to start is by asking your network for recommendations. If you can draw on experience reports, you will usually be recommended real insider tips.

If you prefer to search for yourself, search through different regions. There are often city marketing agencies that can recommend locations. However, you rarely end up with a real insider tip here.

We recommend (not entirely unselfishly) searching for workshop locations on a specialized platform such as We have been scouting locations for more than 4 years and know all our hosts personally. This saves you an incredible amount of time and effort.

Simply filter by “Teamhaus” to find particularly personal workshop locations.

You can use the filters on to easily set the region in which you are looking. Select “Teamhaus” for the category. These houses can usually be booked exclusively for a group and offer options ranging from catering to self-catering.

You can then make an inquiry via meetreet with just a few clicks and receive quick feedback and a non-binding offer.

Other exciting locations could be tiny houses or former spa houses, for example.

Sustainable workshop locations

Sustainability is one of the key factors. That’s why you should look out for particularly sustainable locations for workshops. They are energy-efficient, avoid disposable products and provide regional, often vegan/vegetarian catering. You should also consider your journey to the workshop location and travel by train if possible. More on this in the following section.

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Travel to the workshop by public transport
Copenhagen even offers a boat transfer from the airport!

Arrival at the workshop location

One of the most important factors is travel time. And this is influenced not only by the region, but above all by the connection to the nearest train station or highway. Locations that are easy to reach by public transport in particular offer numerous easy travel options. And it’s easy to find that the location in the countryside is sometimes better connected than the location on the outskirts of the city. So research the travel options.


With these tips, you should quickly find a suitable location for a workshop.

Are you looking for a larger seminar hotel for 30 people or more? Then read here what you should look out for when booking a seminar hotel . Also interesting: Top 5 locations for team building that you must experience with your team

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