Hotel sales: Writing conference offers that convert


For a long time, we have been dealing with the topic of what a truly individual offer looks like or how to write successful offers in the first place. Whether start-ups, established companies or visionaries – the message must be clear and we want to offer efficient ways. We have some valuable tips for you to make this process as effective and successful as possible.

5 basic rules for successful offers in hotel sales

1. know your audience: Corporates & Start-ups

At meetreet, your target group is a paradise for visionary minds, innovative start-ups and outstanding companies looking for unique locations. Your offers should focus on how your locations can meet the needs and wishes of this particular target group – for example in the personal message accompanying the offer. It goes without saying that you should present the advantages of your locations in such a way that your guests want to book immediately.

2. be clear at a glance

Clarify which rooms you have available for meetings and seminars. Describes the size of the rooms, the equipment (e.g. technology, seating options) and any extras such as break areas or catering options.

Shows different packages that cover the needs of different customers. This could be a day package with catering and room use or an overnight package for seminars lasting several days.

3. be flexible – in a fast-paced environment

Emphasize your ability to manage events of different sizes and types. Indicate whether you have small meeting rooms or large conference rooms and how flexible you are in adapting to clients’ needs.

Especially if the number of participants or time periods can still change, use a system that allows you to flexibly adapt your offers at a later date.

4. be trustful – testimonials from other guests

Share testimonials or references from previous conferences and seminars that have taken place at your hotel. Positive reviews and success stories can tip the scales in your favor. This can also happen in videos.

5. Be personal & authentic – Direct exchange for sustainable partnerships

The direct exchange with your potential guests is invaluable. Use our messaging system to enter into dialog and talk about your requirements. Shows where the offer comes from and offers personal contact.

The ability to chat with each other allows you to establish a personal connection. Our message tools are your door opener for direct communication. But hey, don’t forget – our sales team is your backup if you ever need support. We are on first-name terms with all our guests.

Hotel Sales Conclusion: Writing conference offers that convert

By taking these tips into account and designing your offers accordingly, you can increase the attractiveness of your hotel for conferences and seminars and win over potential customers.

At meetreet you get access to appreciative guests from start-ups and corporates who are looking for a special location for team offsites, workshops and seminars with overnight accommodation. Apply here as a host.

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meetreet Redaktion

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