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The common vision as a challenge


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  • The path for future cooperation is still unclear
  • Mutual trust is to be strengthened
  • The team spirit should be strengthened
  • A shared experience is to be created

The offsite

Our client Red Oak Consulting approached us with a challenge that many companies in the IT industry face:

The Common Vision is not yet clear. 

Where should the path lead in the future? Who will take on which role? How can everyone contribute in such a way that they are motivated to stay on board in the long term? 

Reason enough, therefore, to take up the challenge and, in a team offsite, to become clear about the role of the team, to develop a common vision and to reflect for once on whether the current course is the right one for future collaboration.

For 2 full days, the two teams of "Red Oak Consulting & Services for IT" from Braunschweig and Oldenburg therefore came together in the Harz Mountains. 


The participants were thrilled by the surroundings. Especially the first view into the spacious industrial hall, with blazing forge fire and rustic interior impressed the management team. If you can work somewhere focused, then it's here.

Coach accompanied the team sessions

Our team coach Puyan Ataherian really got the team going. The offsite participants were able to find out what potential lies within each individual and what conflicts there were with the team.

Contrary to what was suspected, one or two conflicts actually lay dormant within the team, which had not previously been sufficiently discussed in day-to-day business.

"In your day-to-day work, you don't have the head to talk about teamwork in such detail," noted Dean Eckert, one of Red Oak's partners. 

The team coach uncovered one or two trouble spots and even gave some people a stomach ache. But that's exactly the kind of stomachache you have to go through. Just like after a successful workout, the muscles are sore before they regenerate and even get stronger. The same applies to teamwork.

The approach

Psychoanalytical methods and experiential approaches helped to find out in a playful way what already works well in the team and where there is still room for improvement. Teambuilding with scientific approaches.

At the end, goals and vision were discussed in separate groups and then presented to the entire team. It was easy to see how the vision differed within the team, but also what the team already had in common, e.g. wanting to implement "cool projects with cool people". A different kind of team building.

"meetreet provided us with extremely good service and that's what made it so enjoyable. The location just created a pleasant atmosphere, it kind of gave our team a kick start."

Tobias Stoehr

Red Oak Consulting

Event results

  • Internal challenges were identified that were previously unclear
  • A new basis for future cooperation was found
  • A new level of team spirit and cohesion was achieved
Teambuilding location in the Harz Mountains

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