Planning a team workation abroad: the perfect mix of work and adventure

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Tired of being stuck in the dreary office routine and want to send your team on an unforgettable journey? A team workation abroad offers the ideal opportunity to strengthen the sense of togetherness, provide new impetus and create shared experiences. Distance from operational business allows you to develop creative solutions and improve your team dynamics. […]

Guide for your team retreat in the Canary Islands – Workation in the sun

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Team Retreat & Team Workations on the Canary Islands The islands of perpetual spring. On the Canary Islands you will not only find incredible nature, but also a lively and active international co-working scene. It’s no wonder that the Canary Islands are always on the top lists for workations worldwide. Perfect for a team retreat […]

Planning & organizing a conference – Creative guidance


When large teams come together and a platform for exchange develops within the company, you want to have thought of everything as a meeting planner. No unexpected surprises, but a location with a wow effect, a program that inspires the participants and a supporting program that is well received. Based on our experience from numerous […]

Organize Team Workation in 8 steps – Everything you need to know

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In this guide, we share our experience of organizing your first workation with the team so that you have a really productive and enjoyable time in your team workation. What is a team workation? A team workation combines work and vacation at a different location, whether alone or together in a team. We focus here […]

What is a company retreat? And how is it done successfully?


What is a company retreat? A company retreat is an event format used by companies where the entire team comes together in a usually secluded location to withdraw from everyday operations and work creatively or strategically. The focus here is not on day-to-day work, but rather on promoting team spirit, creativity and strategic orientation. The […]

Designing a creative company outing – 7 new, innovative ideas

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If your team is finding the annual company outing less and less popular, then it’s time to spice up your traditional company outing with a pinch of creativity and try something new. In short: a creative company outing that will truly be remembered. Don’t worry, we’ve got your back. Let’s explore together how we can […]

Designing an annual kickoff meeting creatively – 5 ideas & template


The start of the year is the perfect time to inspire the team and look to the future together. Here are some imaginative ideas for an unforgettable annual kickoff meeting: What is a kick-off meeting? An annual kick-off meeting is the starting signal for a new financial year. It brings the team together to set […]

Team meeting in nature


Discover why team meetings in nature promote creativity, sharpen focus and increase well-being. Tips for successful offsites.

What is a workation? – Definition & Tips


The term workation has only recently begun to appear more frequently. In this article, you will learn what a workation is, the advantages of this event format and how you can integrate it into your company culture so that the team supports the idea and new, innovative ideas emerge.   What is a workation?  A workation […]

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